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Acus Quartz Dab Coil by Dazzvape uses a built-in absorbent ceramic atomizer instead of external heat. The Dazzvape Acus Replacement Coil are for use specifically with the Dazzvape Acus Wax Pen.Brand: DazzvapeUnit: 5pcs/packFit for: DazzvapeAcus Wax PenPackage: Simple PackingEach set contain:5pcs Daz..
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Acus Quartz Dip Coil by Dazzvape uses a built-in absorbent ceramic atomizer instead of external heat. The dip style coil is used to consume concentrates directly out of a silicone or glass container. The Dazzvape Acus Replacement Coil are for use specifically with the Dazzvape Acus Wax Pen.Brand: Da..
Ex Tax:$12.99
Dazzvape Acus Wax Vaporizer is a pen style kit suitable for wax. Just one button design with 350mAh built-in battery. It features two kinds of coils: Dip or Dab your concentrates. One of it called quartz dab coil which stores concentrates (wax) in a chamber with a knurled cap. The other called quart..
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The auto draw battery is compatible with all eGo and 510-threaded attachments, ensuring you can vape your favorite eliquids and oil concentrates with no hassle. Simply screw on the oil tank and vape. This 350mAh automatic vape battery boasts a rapid heat up time, enabling quick hits on-the-fly. The ..
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Dazzvape Auto Draw Battery 350mAh,Charge the battery easily with the included USB charger, just thread the battery into the charger, plug into any available USB port and when the LED on the charger glows green, you’re good to go! The stylus tip on the end of the battery can also be used with your to..
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BOTO Coil is a great replacement coil for your BOTO concentrate vaporizer. Microporous quartz coil not only prevents dry hits but also has advanced thermal conductivity. The extended coil design makes it much easier to dip concentrates and unique flat design enlarges concentrates contact area. When ..
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Dazzvape Boto Kit, a compact and travel-sized dab pen kit, is powered by a 350mAh rechargeable battery with a USB port, which will generate 230+ puffs after every charging. And it works with inhale activated system and 3.6V direct voltage output. It also adopts a built-in draw activated system combi..
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Dazzvape Daze One Mod features ergonomic design and unique Baby bear's looking appearance. With its portable size, you are able to put it into your pocket and carry it to anywhere. It comes with 3 adjustable voltage settings, satisfying you different vaping needs and 15 seconds preheating for better..
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Dazzvape Fleap Battery is constructed of smooth painted material finish and adopts a built-in draw activated system. Powered by a built-in 400mAh battery, it can offer you durable and easy vaping life. And there is an intelligent LED indicator to remind you of the battery status precisely. Moreover,..
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GT800 Battery is an excellently designed and dependable vaporizing device of Dazzvape. It comes with with a three button interface, internal 800 mAh battery and 0.69 inches OLED screen. And is compatible with most standard 510 cartridges. Temperature control capabilities and variable wattage/voltage..
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The DAZZVAPE Melter Concentrate Vaporizer is a single button activated device compatible with Melter Concentrate Vaporizer Coils and a built in 1400 mAh battery. The Melter is single button activated with built in LED indicator. The LED shows white for 100 to 70%, blue for 70 to 40%, and red 40 to 0..
Ex Tax:$49.99
DAZZVAPE RETRO is a handy oil vaporizer featuring an integrated 650mAh rechargeable large battery with a magnetic connection which matches 510 threaded cartridges. It incorporates 15 seconds preheat mode(1.8V)and variable voltage settings. Just as its name indicates that this oil vaporizer adopts a ..
Ex Tax:$22.99
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