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Designed for Suorin Elite Pod Kit, the Suorin Elite Coil comes with 0.4ohm and 1.0ohm resistance. Each pack comes with 3 pieces of Suorin Elite Coils. The Suorin Elite Coil easy to replace in Suorin Elite Cartridge. Just get it as a spare part. The Suorin Elite Coil brings rich flavor to the vapers...
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The Suorin Reno Mesh Coil is designed especially for the Suorin Reno Pod System Kit and Suorin Reno Pod Cartridge. The Suorin Reno Mesh Coil adopts 1.0ohm coil resistance for a longer lifespan, which are compatible with both e-liquid and nicotine salt, bringing smooth taste and optimal flavor. Each ..
Ex Tax:$8.99
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